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Quest For Happiness

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We have made available online a traditional translation of a classic work of
the learned Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church,

 St. Francis de Sales:

"Introduction To A Devout Life" 

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You may be wondering what a "Devout Life" has to do with a quest or seeking for happiness.

We as humans are most happy when our nature is fulfilled. When we actually do the things we are able to do we experience a sort of satisfaction. This is true from the most mundane things, such as eating and drinking, to the more important, such as the raising and the education of our children or the achievements of a long career in the workplace.

One of the highest parts of our nature is the intellect. By it we are able to discern and know what is good, true and beautiful. The very highest good is God Himself; the Holy Trinity, the Source of all Wisdom; the Divine Creator, Beauty itself.

Knowing and experiencing God, when it is actually done, brings the very highest happiness that man can achieve. A Devout Life is a life centered on this highest use of our intellect.

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